Maine Coon Cat

Oct 17 , 2021

Maine Coon Cat

The ancestry of these big, hearty cats from New England is unknown. Most likely
they came across from Europe with the early settlers as working cats on the ships. Some
of these long haired ship cats apparently decided to disembark in the new world and
made their home there along with the new colonists. Winter in New England can be
extremely tough. Only the strongest survived those early winters, human or cat. Once
they settled in to their new homes, these long haired cats began to thrive. The Shaggies,
as they were called then, became a familiar part of colonial life throughout New England.

The Maine Coon Cat is a big, strong, intelligent cat. They are also very loving and
devoted family members and remain very playful into old age. Maine Coon Cats do not
seem to make snap decisions about people. They remain somewhat reserved when they
first meet new people or move into a new home. Once they have made their decision,
they become affectionate and devoted companions. Maine Coon Cats also have an
unusual fascination with water. They are known to dabble in their water dishes or play in
showers before the water has all run out. Once in a while, a cat will actually go

Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon Cats are gentle giants in the cat world. Males can top out at 20lbs
while females can reach 12 lbs. The size difference between the sexes is unusually large.
The females are no pushovers despite their lack of size. They feel they are every bit as
strong as the males and aren't afraid to prove it. These ladies can be quite feisty. Maine
Coon Cats have broad chests with well muscled bodies and medium length legs. This
breed does not reach full maturity until they are four years old. This cat has an easy going
and affectionate temperament. The smallest part of this cat is its voice. Maine Coon Cats
speak with a high squeaky voice that seems entirely incongruous coming from such a
massive cat. These cats chirp, cheep, chortle, and trill as well as meow. It's quite an eye
opener to hear a Maine Coon Cat speak.

These cats have thick semi long coats which are all-weather and water resistant
as well. Fortunately, the Main Coon Cats coat does not tangle easily. The texture is
surprisingly silky. The most common coat color pattern is tabby though they can come in
a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The Main Coon Cat is a breed whose cheerful ways continue to charm people
every day. Give the Main Coon Cat a closer look. The breed is hardy and affectionate.
This cats' laid back temperament would make an outstanding family pet. This cat may be
exactly what you are looking for in a new companion.

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